Daily Prices and Historical Returns

Investment Portfolios

FDIC-Insured Portfolio1

  • Unit value as of 11/24/2021: $10.07
  • Change:2 0.00
  • APY: 0.01%
  • Total returns as of 10/31/2021:
  • YTD: 0.00% (benchmark: 0.04%)
  • 1 Year: 0.00% (benchmark: 0.05%)
  • Since Inception: 0.24% (benchmark: 1.03%)
  • Inception Date: 12/17/18

Conservative Portfolio

  • Unit value as of 11/24/2021: $12.26
  • Change:3 0.01
  • APY: -
  • Total returns as of 10/31/2021:
  • YTD: 3.54% (benchmark: 3.33%)
  • 1 Year: 8.01% (benchmark: 7.71%)
  • Since Inception: 7.38% (benchmark: 7.77%)
  • Inception Date: 12/17/18

Moderate Portfolio

  • Unit value as of 11/24/2021: $14.24
  • Change:4 0.02
  • APY: -
  • Total returns as of 10/31/2021:
  • YTD: 8.64% (benchmark: 8.73%)
  • 1 Year: 18.91% (benchmark: 19.03%)
  • Since Inception: 13.02% (benchmark: 13.61%)
  • Inception Date: 12/17/18

Aggressive Growth Portfolio

  • Unit value as of 11/24/2021: $16.28
  • Change:5 0.02
  • APY: -
  • Total returns as of 10/31/2021:
  • YTD: 14.34% (benchmark: 14.38%)
  • 1 Year: 30.88% (benchmark: 31.09%)
  • Since Inception: 18.27% (benchmark: 18.63%)
  • Inception Date: 12/17/18

1Account assets in the FDIC-Insured Portfolio are 100% invested in an interest-bearing custodial account at TIAA Bank, a division of TIAA, FSB and an affiliate of the Program Manager. As of November 1, 2021, investments in the FDIC-Insured Portfolio will earn an Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of 0.01%, and because those investments are in a variable-rate, interest-bearing deposit account at TIAA Bank, the APY may change without notice in TIAA Bank’s sole discretion. The APY with respect to the FDIC-Insured Portfolio may be higher or lower than the APY available to individuals or entities making deposits directly with TIAA Bank or other depository institutions in comparable accounts. There is no minimum investment to invest in the FDIC-Insured Portfolio. Fees may reduce earnings. For additional information on the FDIC-Insured Portfolio, including information on compounding and crediting of interest, please see the Program Disclosure Statement (PDF).

2,3,4,5As of prior market close.

The table above compares the total returns of an Investment Portfolio (after deducting fees and expenses) to the returns of a benchmark. Each benchmark combines the benchmark(s) for the underlying investment(s) in which an Investment Portfolio invests, and weighs them according to the allocations to those underlying investment(s). Benchmarks are adjusted to reflect any changes in the allocations, underlying benchmark(s) or both during the relevant time period. They are also not available for investment, not managed and do not reflect the fees or expenses of investing.

The performance data quoted represent past performance and are net of all fees and expenses. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Performance may be substantially affected over time by changes in the Investment Options’ target asset allocations or changes in the Investment Options’ underlying investments. Investment returns and the principal value will fluctuate so that your Account, when redeemed, may be worth more or less than the amounts contributed to your Account. Since inception figures represent cumulative, non-annualized returns.

Fees and Expenses