CalABLE Quarterly October 2021

From the Director

Guardians of CalABLE account owners are tireless advocates. They challenge school districts for equal access, fight for federal benefits and state-of-art therapies, and raise awareness of disabilities through nonprofits promoting research spending. CalABLE account owners also dig deep financially.

Portrait of Dante Allen, CalABLE’s Executive Director. A black man, wearing a grey suit, a blue shirt, and a turquoise tie.
  • Dante Q. Allen
  • Executive Director
  • CalABLE

In This Issue

Good Intentions

To help guardians with a family member who has a disability prepare for a time when they can no longer provide care, it's important to complete a letter of intent.

Understanding the Child Tax Credit

Beginning July 15, 2021, eligible families across the country began receiving advance payments resulting from changes made to the Child Tax Credit with the passing of the American Rescue Plan Act. You must be aware of who qualifies and how to ensure you receive this tax credit in the way that best fits you and your household.

ABLE Age Adjustment Act

Stay up to date on proposed legislation to raise the age of onset of disability from 26 to 46.

5 Common Questions

No matter how long you’ve had a CalABLE account, you may still have questions—or need a refresher. Here are four common questions we get from new and longstanding account owners alike.

Consider Becoming a CalABLE Ambassador

Live with a disability or care for a family member with a disability? Check. Passionate about spreading the word about CalABLE? Check.

The AchievABLE Corner

Your dreams are AchievABLE with a CalABLE account—and even more resources to help you achieve a better life experience.

Portrait of Dante Allen, CalABLE’s Executive Director. A man, wearing a grey suit, a blue shirt, and a turquoise tie.
  • Dante Allen
  • Executive Director
  • CalABLE

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